Two Births (Luke 1-2)

When a weaver weaves a design into a tapestry, more than one thread is used.   It is how the threads are woven together that creates the whole picture.  Luke begins his gospel with a story of two births, not one.  Two cousins, John and Jesus, are born within months of each other.  Both sets of parents are told what they are to name their baby.  John’s name means “God is Gracious.”  He would declare the gracious, tender mercies of God that would be embodied in the one for whom John would prepare the way.  His cousin would be named Jesus (Yeshua or Joshua), “God Saves.”  These two threads were woven into the warp and woof of the Great Story.  Upon John’s birth, his father spoke of a Savior who would rescue us from our enemies and set us free to serve the Lord without fear.  He prophesied that John would be a prophet sent from God to announce the coming of God’s salvation, preparing the way for a Savior.  He would declare the forgiveness of sins that would come in Jesus because of the tender mercies of God. This message would be a light from Heaven, and it would never be dark again!

And so, the tapestry is composed of many threads, in words both ancient and new, woven together in one glorious story of gracious, tender mercy.  It is the story of God’s love and His desire to rescue us from our enemies by coming into our world, our reality, and our flesh in the person of the baby Jesus.  In him, all the threads are drawn together and the picture is formed.  In Him, the design of the Weaver is revealed.  May the love of God revealed in Jesus bring a blessing of hope to you this Advent season!