The prophet spoke of a Savior who would be born and his name would be Emmanuel, which means “God With Us”.  The deepest reason to celebrate Christmas is that the child in the manger was God in the flesh–God with us.  It means we are not alone.  We are not on our own.  He is always with us.  Jesus is the one David hoped for in Psalm 23.  He is our shepherd, and we shall not want.  He leads, guides, provides, and protects.  He is with us through all the ups and downs of life, and in the end we will dwell in his house forever.  That hope is echoed in the words of Jesus in John 14.  He promised that he would prepare a place for us and that he would receive us in his house so that wherever we are, he will be with us.  Emmanuel!  So, in this Christmas season, which has more than its share of problems, remember that we celebrate the reality that we are not alone.  He came to us in Bethlehem, and He will never ever leave us.  God with us, God with you!  Emmanuel.  Merry Christmas!