Our Church

Founded on September 5, 1858, twelve pioneers of the Texas frontier community, Dicey, recognized their need to found the Clear Fork Baptist Church, one of the first churches in what is now Parker County, Texas.

Originally, Dicey was primarily a community made up of families with many children. Nowadays, Old-timers described it as one big family, with everyone knowing and caring for each other. According to information compiled by the Texas State Historical Association, Dicey was originally called “Power”, named after a local man of God, Parson Power. Later the name Dicey was chosen in honor of the wife of pioneer settler W. G. Puryear. The settlement of Dicey grew up around Clear Fork Church, and the Clear Fork grounds were the scene of countless funerals, baptisms and weddings over the years.

The word “dicey” is commonly defined as, “unpredictable, risky or uncertain.” has held some validity for the long endured past of the Church. The church continued despite several Indian raids in the late 1800s. Women from Dicey met at the church during WW II to exchange ration coupons and assemble bandages for the Red Cross. In March of 2007, Parker County emergency management officials used the church to hold press conferences and direct rescue operations after several nearby pipelines exploded.

Clear Fork Baptist Church has an unbroken record of meetings for 160+ years. But through it all there have been dedicated Christian men and women (pastors, deacons, lay people) to carry on the Lord’s work and keep the church going, sometimes when there were only a handful to do so.

The sanctuary, constructed in 1903, was built after the original site was burnt and is considered one of the oldest church structures in Parker County. The white, wooden building still serves the Clear Fork congregation.

Clear Fork Baptist Church is an eye-catching landmark and a beacon of interest and hope to people driving on 730 South and Ragle Road. It is a visible testimony to those Christian pioneers, past and present, who have prayed and struggled to keep God’s church alive.