To Be Like Christ

Our passage today is Philippians 2:1-18. Take a moment to read through these verses. Do you remember when people were wearing WWJD bracelets—What Would Jesus Do? Romans 8 tells us that we are predestined to be conformed to the image of Christ. Romans 12 tells us to pursue this goal with all we are. We are to live and act in such a way that we reflect Christ in all we do. In Philippians 2, we are told again to have the attitude or mind of Christ and to see that it is reflected in how we live. Paul describes what this looks like: be unselfish, don’t be conceited, have humility (regard others as more important than yourself), and look out for the interests of others not just self interest. Christ exhibited all of these qualities when He poured His life out for us. This kind of behavior is rarely seen in this selfish, me-first world. We have to be intentional in this pursuit of living a life like Christ. Romans 12 tells us that we have to live our life as a living sacrifice in order to be transformed to the image of Christ. In the current environment which is often characterized by anger, hate, and fear, let us hear these words of Paul again. Have this attitude in you that was also in Christ! See you Sunday!