Faith in Difficult Times

Paul’s letter to the church at Phillips has always been a particular favorite of mine. Paul writes the letter from prison in Rome. The words of instruction and encouragement he writes to this church are a picture of what Christian faith looks like in difficult times. Often our faith and hope slide up and down the scale of whatever our current circumstance happens to be. Faith shines brightly in the sunshine but lacks luster in the shadow of difficulty. Paul shows us that true trust in Christ does not depend on circumstance. I believe he was inspired to speak these words to us when we experience moments like we find ourselves in today. So, I want to point out a few highlights from Philippians over the next few weeks that I hope will serve to give us wisdom and peace in these trying times. So, find Philippians in your Bible and follow along.

Philippians 1:
I am moved by Paul’s interpretation of his circumstances reflected in 1:12-30. Few of us would be inclined to see our imprisonment as an opportunity. He asks them to pray not for his release but for his ability to be a good witness in this “opportunity “ the Lord has given him. Particularly, I am astounded with Paul’s words in verses 21-28. “For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” Either way, Paul is content.
Remind yourself of this passage when you find yourself worrying about Covid-19, or bills, or why can’t things go back to the way they were. Ask the Lord to transform your thinking (Romans12:1-2) concerning circumstance. Ask Him to show you the opportunities these trials give you to share the Good News of Christ, who gives us the victory regardless of circumstance.
See you Sunday!
Bro. Mark