Time Sensitive Volunteer Opportunity!

Rick Mullens spoke with Heather White. She has been at one of her assisted living properties in Virginia for over 30 days and taking care of 4 properties in that area. He asked if we could help in any way. Heather said that workers and staff are getting raw spots behind their ears from wearing masks. She wondered if we could sew big buttons on headbands so they could hook the mask on buttons instead of ears. We need you to you help make a bunch of these!

Rick picked up a couple of headbands at Dollar General and Rosanne sewed buttons on. What do you say, guys? Can we get several people doing this? Heather has about 400 employees at 4 locations up there. I am searching online looking for a bulk order of headbands. Any information is welcome.

You do not need a sewing machine to help. If you know how to sew on a button, it should be very easy. Cloth stretch headbands can be purchased at dollar stores and usually any store. Or you can even design your own. We would like to get all of your finished headbands by this Wednesday or Thursday, April 8 or 9, however many you can do in that time. We will put them in the mail to Heather. Please drop what you have finished at the fellowship hall and text Rick that they are there. Thank you for your help!