The Weight of Glory

I regret not posting a devotional last week.  I went to see my father in Oklahoma.  My mother passed away on December 23, and due to Covid, this was my first time to see my father face to face since her passing.  We both had been fully vaccinated, and we felt it was safe to get together.  He is about to turn 91, and we spent a lot of time during my visit discussing life, death, and meaning.  Grief is hard to bear at anytime, but it is especially hard to bear alone.  Because of Christ, there is hope to be found even in the darkest moments.  When Paul wrote to Timothy about his trial before Caesar, he noted that he stood alone, but then he remembered that the Lord stood with him.  He was not alone.  (Check this out in 2 Timothy.)

With the trials of life such as they are, you may have gone through some tough times, maybe alone, during this last year.  I want to remind you that you were not alone.  Jesus stood with you.  The problems, worries, and pains of this life are not lasting, and they do not have the last word.  Because of Jesus, we have hope no matter the circumstance or the isolation.

One of the most famous works of C. S. Lewis is entitled “The Weight of Glory.”  It is based on 2 Corinthians 4:16-5:1.  Go to your Bible now and read this passage.  Let the Lord comfort you with His words through Paul.

God bless you and keep you safe!  Pray for our return to worship together very soon!

Bro. Mark