We had two problems at church this past week.  First, water pipes in our fellowship hall froze during our recent, epic polar blast.  Second, they didn’t stay frozen.  The resulting flood was epic as well.  It only lacked Noah and the Ark.  Due to the quick action of some great church members, we are on the road to restoration.  John Conrad found the flood and got the word out.  By the time I got there, Mike and Laurie Crow, Rick and Rosanne Mullens, Ronnie and Tina Loge, and Bill Marsh were already at work on the scene.  Mike notified the insurance company and got ServPro on the scene to start securing the situation.  I am so proud of the dedication of these brothers and sisters.  When there is a need, you as a church family step up!  I also know that had you known, you would have been there, too.  That’s what we do as a church family.

Even more importantly, I know that you would all step up and meet the need when one of your brothers or sisters is in need.  I have seen it time and again.  When one is hurting, we all hurt.  when one is rejoicing, we all rejoice.  That is the motto of Clear Fork as it should be for every church.  My hope is that very soon we can worship and fellowship together, certainly by Easter Sunday if not before.  I know you will join me in praying for that day!

Bro. Mark