The Body of Christ

The most basic and informative image of the church found in the New Testament is that it is the body of Christ.  As Paul describes it in I Corinthians 12, all the members are like the various parts of a human body.  All have different functions but all are part of the same body.  We use the spiritual gifts given us by the Holy Spirit to contribute to the function and well-being of the whole body.  Each member serves the other members.  It is how we minister to each other, and together it is how we minister to the world around us.

There is no better illustration of this than is found in how Ron Loge has served this church during the Pandemic.  If it were not for Ron using his gifts to help us stay connected, we would have lost touch with each other.  He is a very important and necessary part of the body of Christ at Clear Fork Baptist Church.  Beyond producing the video for our worship service on YouTube. he has also brought improvements to our being connected through RightNow Media classes, our Facebook group, and our church website.  The Lord has provided the help we needed when we needed it through Ron serving the other members of our church with his gifts.  That is how the Body of Christ is supposed to work!  Thanks, Ron!

Take a moment to consider how you can use the gifts God has given you to serve others.  Maybe it can be the encouragement of a phone call, a text, or an email.  Maybe it can be through intercessory prayer.  We are all members of the Body, and we serve not ourselves but each other.  God bless and keep you all!  See you on YouTube this Sunday!  (Thanks to Ron!)

Bro. Mark