Advent 2020

In an effort to finish our study in Acts, I have invaded Advent territory.  But it is not too late to get caught up on Advent in your home by lighting your own Advent candles.  Last Sunday was the first Sunday of Advent, so catch up by lighting your first Advent candle this week, and then you are ready to light the second candle this Sunday.  The candles are based on elements found in Luke 2:1-20.  So, for each candle, read this passage and then focus on the element the candle represents.  Then, pray as a family or individually thanking the Lord for coming to be our savior.  You can even make your own Advent wreath if you want.  Here are the candles of Advent and their meaning.

November 29  HOPE The Prophets’ Candle.  Traditionally this is a purple candle, but use whatever candles you have.  The main idea is that this candle symbolizes the hope we have in Christ. His coming was foretold by the prophets.  The angels announced the fulfilling of this great hope in the birth of this long awaited savior in the stable at Bethlehem.

December 6  FAITH  Bethlehem’s Candle The shepherds could have ignored the announcement of the angels and not gone to look for the child.  But, in faith, they left their flocks and went in search of the child.  And so it has been ever since that in faith we leave all else and go in search of the Savior.  The pandemic gives us time to pause and in faith reach out to Christ in a way the rush of the season often prevents.

December 13  JOY  The Shepherd’s Candle.  This is the rose colored candle in tradition.  The shepherds responded to the glad tidings of great joy, found the child, and returned to their flocks rejoicing!  Think about the words to the carol, Joy To the World.  May the joy of Christ bless you today!

December 20  PEACE.  The Angels’ Candle.  Peace on earth and good will toward all of us!  Jesus was known as the Prince of Peace.  His great gift to us was his peace.  Look at how many times he mentions this in John 14.  May the words of the angels ring in your ears and in your heart.  Peace on Earth!

December 24 or 25  LIGHT.  The Christ Candle.  Jesus came to be the light of the world!  Even in the darkness, the Christmas star shined its light on the child in the manger.  The prophet Isaiah spoke of a great light shining in the darkness, and that great light is Jesus!  Take a moment to read Isaiah 9 and John 1, and celebrate the coming of that light into a dark world.  May His light shine in your heart!  Let that light shine through you to those around you!

God bless you during this Christmas season, and let us pray that this will be the last time we must celebrate it separated from one another!