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Mercy Heart

Mercy Heart of Parker County

Good News for Families of Inmates and Ex-Offenders

Director: Vivian Conrad

Every Tuesday Evening

6:30pm-Preschool, Children and Youth Activities (Bible Study, Crafts, and Recreation)
6:45pm-Worship/Bible Study for Adults
8:00pm-All Sessions End


Mercy Heart is located 2 blocks west of Ric Williamson Memorial Hwy on Peaster Hwy (FM 920) at 201 Kathey St., Weatherford, TX 76088

A Place of Safety

Sometimes there is fear of embarrassment to cope with when a family member is incarcerated. Often a family seeks to escape friends and associates at a time when friends are needed the most. At Mercy Heart you're free to come and pray, worship and be cared for without any fear that someone will pry into your private concerns.

A Place of Compassion

The greatest need of your life, love and understanding, can be met. You will be accepted completely for who you are. At Mercy Heart you will be greeted by people who want to be your friend. You will be loved by people who want to share in your deepest suffering.

A Place of Nourishment

When a family member is incarcerated, it seems as though all of life comes to a stand-still. It may seem as though life is over for you and your family. At Mercy Heart you can continue to live. Through good friends and quality Bible teaching you and your family members can get the sustenance needed to live and grow spiritually and emotionally.

A Place of Encouragement

Often feelings of hopelessness can defeat the most courageous efforts at keeping a family together. The uncertainties of life with a family member in prison can cause many setbacks mentally, emotionally, and materially. At Mercy Heart you will find friends and resources for keeping your family together. You will find new courage and confidence. You will find people who want to help and give you support.

For more information, call 817-374-2322.