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Manna International

Manna Worldwide "You can make a difference... One child at a time."
Manna has a passion for helping needy children around the  world. The organization is committed to addressing nutritional, educational, and spiritual needs of children and their families. The objective of Manna is not only to feed them for a  season, but to develop commuinties toward a more complete way of life.
Manna works in 36 countries around the globe. The staff is focused on bettering the lives of the children Manna serves. On average, it only takes $20 to feed a child two times per day for an entire month. This non-profit group, founded in 2001, operates 96 nutrition centers and 14 orphanages. Over 90% of all donations go directly to projects.
Join Manna Worldwide in the fight to care for children you have never seen. You can make a child at a time.
Here at Clearfork that's exactly what we are trying to do. We are working with Manna to reach the lost around the world. And you can too.
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